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People and brands are more alike then it may appear to the naked eye.

We believe that a brand studio is for a brand what a shrink is for a person,

It helps it understand clearly who they are, where they are, what hey are doing right and wrong, what effect their actions cause to others, how they should react to others actions.

it makes them more confident and mature.

Now: an advertising agency is for a brand what a beauty salon is for a person: it is good for the ego, it may make you attractive, but, if you are not sure about who you really are and what you need, you may spend lots of money on the wrong stuff.

And media is somehow like popular friends: is is good for your reputation to hang out with them. but they don’t always give back to you what you gave to be with them for a while.

Want a million friends on social networks? Be nice. Be a real friend. Be cool. Want to handle it in peace? Go to a shrink.

Ok, we know what you’re thinking: “How come a company like Lift does not have a website?” Well, you know: our lean and busy team is always taking care of our clients. There is no time for narcissism.

So, if you want to learn more about what we think or our services, come have a coffee and we’ll tell you more. And we’ll listen to you, witch is way more important.